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This gorgeous, colourful gift is sure to impress! With a bottle of mouth watering Nero d'Avola from Golden Grove Estate, Artisan crispbread, a stylish cheeseboard, a set of three cheese knives & a champagne preserve - just add some cheese and you are good to go.

We offer complimentary business branding on all our gifts. Ask us to add your logo for that personalised touch. Simply email us your logo & we have it printed & ready to add to your gift box in 24 hours. 


Gift Contains:

- Nero d'Avola 2019 - Golden Grove Estate 750ml

- Stylish Cheeseboard

- Set of Lagioule cheeseknives

- Artisan Crispbread

- Ogilvie & Co Champagne preserve


We are always happy to substitute, or include products of your choice in our gifts, in order to create a customised gift that is unique to your brand.