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Settlement & Handover Gifts

Improve your business relationships through the power of strategic appreciation and generosity.
We work closely with you to provide stylish, customised gifts that are a true reflection of your brand and will ensure you stand out from your competitors.
All our gifts come with complimentary business branding if you choose it. Additionally, we work already with many of the big names in Property so the chances are that we already have your company logo on file, ready to go. Too easy! 

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Gratitude Sale price$115.00
Home Owner
Home Owner Sale price$145.00
Congrats Sale price$85.00
Sparkling Celebration
Sparkling Celebration Sale price$165.00
Thank You
Thank You Sale price$95.00
Marvellous Mumm
Marvellous Mumm Sale price$129.00
The Duo
The Duo Sale price$155.00
Abode Sale price$139.00
You Shouldn't Have
You Shouldn't Have Sale price$85.00
Whisky Box
Whisky Box Sale price$179.00
Market basket
Market basket Sale price$139.00
The Essential
The Essential Sale price$125.00
Let's Celebrate
Let's Celebrate Sale price$169.00
Veuve Box
Veuve Box Sale price$179.00
Folly Sale price$145.00
Gold Spoils
Gold Spoils Sale price$135.00
Posh Box
Posh Box Sale price$120.00
Barkly Home Box
Barkly Home Box Sale price$99.00
Here's to you
Here's to you Sale price$139.00
Chandon Celebration
Chandon Celebration Sale price$190.00
Splendour Sale price$135.00
The G & T
The G & T Sale price$159.00
Luxe Living
Luxe Living Sale price$159.00
Cheeseboard Set
Cheeseboard Set Sale price$115.00
Moet Indulgence
Moet Indulgence Sale price$255.00
Entertainer Sale price$99.00
The Connoisseur
The Connoisseur Sale price$189.00
For him
For him Sale price$115.00
The Perfect Drop
The Perfect Drop Sale price$170.00
Boutique Brew
Boutique Brew Sale price$155.00
Moving day
Moving day Sale price$79.00
Life's little luxuries
Life's little luxuries Sale price$169.00
Luxe Gin Box
Luxe Gin Box Sale price$245.00
Veuve Celebration
Veuve Celebration Sale price$320.00
Habitat Sale price$210.00
Whisky On The Rocks
Whisky On The Rocks Sale price$195.00
The Ultimate Gift
The Ultimate Gift Sale price$215.00
Botany bliss
Botany bliss Sale price$145.00
Chandon deluxe
Chandon deluxe Sale price$155.00
Family affair
Family affair Sale price$179.00
Rendezvous Sale price$200.00
Serenity Sale price$159.00
The ultimate entertainer
The ultimate entertainer Sale price$155.00
Monochrome basics
Monochrome basics Sale price$110.00
New beginnings
New beginnings Sale price$135.00
A place to call home
A place to call home Sale price$120.00
House warming
House warming Sale price$189.00
House & home
House & home Sale price$120.00
The coffee bean
The coffee bean Sale price$120.00
100 x Custom Key Boxes
100 x Custom Key Boxes Sale price$320.00

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